Much press time appears to have been spent discussing everything on this components one particular 2012 Ford Focus Electric won’t have, and thus how lack to those specific components will save the actual Focus Electric owners big relating to maintenance bills (see this post found on the simplest way the main Ford Focus Electric saves you thousands)

There’s also another side to actually electric vehicles - nearly all of the components found on the actual Ford Focus Electric that won’t exist directly on the particular gasoline powered Ford Focus.

Motor Controller

The particular Ford Focus Electric’s motor controller is now the brains of the motor. It keeps track on this motors position, power consumption, speed plus temperature. Generally motor controller combines this data complete with the particular driver’s input to be able to get power through generally batteries to be able to drive theA Ford Focus Electric’s motor.

High Voltage Electric HVAC Compressor

Specifically generated for one particular Ford Focus Electric and a number of other electric vehicles. It draws energy directly through the exact main battery pack.
Electric Water Pumps

Circulates coolant to successfully keep the particular Ford Focus Electric’s traction motor, inverters, battery, and as well , heater cool.
Traction Motor

Converts electrical power if you want to mechanical power for you to propel generally Ford Focus electric. Electric motors are actually 3 times as well as efficient since an important gasoline engine which helps minimize energy loss and moreover heat generation and even enables the particular Ford Focus Electric in order to be energy efficient.
Electric Power Steering

Much work has gone into the exact Ford Focus Electric’s power steering. It’s the actual first electric power steering on a a fabulous major production car, and simply it’s been designed to deliver the particular same steering response while you’re used to.


One particular Ford Focus Electric’s drive motor has a much higher rpm range than a gasoline engine, so one particular transmission had to be able to be designed if you want to handle it. The exact transmission in generally Ford Focus Electric was designed now with specific emphasis onto slient operation and as well , efficiency. The Ford Focus Electric transmission can be described as single speed transmission.
Modular Powertrain Cradle

Unlike most vehicles just that contain the engine mounted in order to typically the entire body or perhaps even sub frame for the car, typically the 2012 Ford Focus Electric has a powertrain cradle that houses the main entire propulsion system within generally engine compartment. This isolates noise and so vibration from the main passenger compartment earning the particular Ford Focus Electric your smooth and even quiet ride.
Electric Vacuum Pump

Including the power steering pump on a the exact Ford Focus Electric, one particular vacuum pump was also designed if you want to be electric - normal vacuum pumps are already powered by means of the particular gasoline engine.
Any Vehicle Control Unit

This desktop computer monitors and in addition controls each system relating to the exact Ford Focus Electric. Generally control unit also manages energy and as well as mechanical power being delivered to actually the exact wheels to actually maximize one particular range on this Ford Focus Electric.
Battery Pack

The main Ford Focus Electric battery pack has the latest total energy capacity related 23kWh. Generally Focus Electric uses liquid coolant to be able to maintain an optimal battery pack temperature to successfully help maximize range.
AC Charger

Converts AC electricity from the exact power grid to be able to generally DC voltage required for you to charge typically the Ford Focus Electric’s batteries. The exact Ford Focus Electric canA be fully charged at a fabulous few hours, and as well theA Ford Focus ElectricA will accomodate 120V and as well as 240V AC power sources.
DC-DC Converter

This converter allows the particular Ford Focus Electric to be able to charge typically the onboard 12V battery just that powers accessories such as the particular headlights and thus radio.


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